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Today's New York Times highlights the latest mash-up trend to go mainstream in the form of Wired magazine's July cover by displaying each participating subscriber on their own personalized cover. The Blog can't WAIT to get our hands on our copy of issue! (...which should be interesting since The Blog has many addresses but only one voice, go figure.)

You, Too, Can Grace a National Magazine's Cover

In the old days -- say, maybe a month ago -- a "customized" magazine meant that it had ads tailored to your age group or articles about your region. Now, it seems, it has your picture on the cover, too.

In its April issue, Wired magazine, in partnership with Xerox, invited subscribers to upload their photographs to Wired.com. The first 5,000 who did so are now receiving their July issue with themselves as the cover art.

Not coincidentally, the editorial theme of the issue is the growing personalization of all things in cyberspace, and the headline over the photo is "You are here."

Wired, which is owned by Conde Nast, publicized the promotion to its subscribers via e-mail, magazine inserts and on its Web site. And while the Xerox name is not on the covers themselves, the promotions and Web site made clear that the project depended on software from Xerox and the company's iGen3 110 digital production press.

...neither company expects to get an immediate rush of sales from the do-it-yourself cover. Wired aimed its promotion entirely at people who already subscribe. And those people tend to be "younger, male and affluent," according to Mr. Schutte, which means they have probably not risen high enough in the corporate ranks to where they can authorize purchases of expensive equipment.

But new sales were not the immediate goal for either Wired or Xerox. Both companies are looking to update their images.

Read the full article here.

Of course, this reminds The Blog of that time, back in June 2004, that Reason magazine sent a personalized cover to each of its 40,000 subscribers. Remember that? Good times.

"Every subscriber to Reason magazine got a personalized copy of the current issue, featuring a satellite photograph of his or her house on the cover, with the headline 'They Know Where You Are!' "

"The publishing achievement, which involved printing a unique cover for each of the magazine's 40,000 subscribers, was made possible by professors and students in the graphic-communication department of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. The department tackled the project, which took more than six months to plan and more than a week to print, as a research experiment in "variable digital printing." The process allows for customizing individual copies of mass-produced publications."

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Blogger William Couch said...

I got in on this promotion, which means my copy should be waiting back at home for me. Sweet.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 12:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Mark A. Dodge Medlin said...

I think anybody named Time magazine's Person of the Year *should* wind up on a magazine cover, don't you?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 1:47:00 AM  

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