ON THE illustration ROAD AGAIN --
this time in Afghanistan

UPDATE 2: An audio interview with Rich describing the scene after Trooper Daryl Caswell's death. (Yes, we know you're Scottish, Rich. That's why Miss Moneypenny likes you, Mr. Bond!) Check it out after the jump!


Corporal Wade Wick breaks down and his buddy Trooper Steve Davidson comforts him as they remember their friend, Trooper Darryl Caswell, a fellow Canadian Dragoon killed in a convoy about 40 km north of Kandahar city.

A good friend and colleague of The Blog, Richard Johnson -- an illustrator and graphics veteran now at the (Toronto) National Post -- has just arrived back in the Middle East as an illustrator/reporter. This is Rich's second tour -- he first paired with Jeff Seidel from the Detroit Free Press back at the start of the Iraq invasion many years ago. They filed about 90 profile installments and troop sketches from various groups preparing for the invasion, and followed some of the Marine engineers into Iraq after the invasion. (Later, they also checked in with families and troops back in the States to cover the state-side context.)

This time, Richard has dropped into Afghanistan to cover the Canadian troops still stationed there. He's just arrived in-country and his first reactions and dispatches have begun appearing on the National Post's web site. UPDATE: And Rich has the lead position of today's edition locked up too (above, left).

The National Post's blog intro: "Richard Johnson is in Kandahar, continuing a tradition of news combat art dating back to before the First World War. His biggest influences are artist Howard Brodie and foreign correspondent Joseph Galloway.

"Brodie was doing it for the humanity of all and Joe was doing it so that no one forgot the sacrifices that were being made by young men and women far from home."

Richard's mandate is to write and draw everyday life for Canadian troops in Kandahar province.
So, keep Rich (and all the hundreds of other war correspondents) in your thoughts, and follow along with his progress and reportage here.

Hear the audio interview on the jump...

Audio interview

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Anonymous Charles Apple said...

Richard's work in Iraq for the Freep was collected in a book. Buy it here:


Thursday, June 14, 2007 6:40:00 PM  
Blogger Dorsey said...

Doh. Thanks, Charles. I should have added that. Better still, you can buy it here too: http://freepressbookstore.stores.yahoo.net/portraitsofwar.html

Thursday, June 14, 2007 11:09:00 PM  

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