New design leadership named
at Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Following a turbulent swirl of changes over the past many months across the newspaper-scape that is the Twin Cities, Thursday saw further changes in the design leadership ranks at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Lisa Clausen and Chris Clonts were promoted to design directors. Here's the official memo:
"SUBJ: Changes in design"

"Among the priorities for the new design department will be visual editing, coaching and skill-building to ensure that everyone who designs pages has the tools and feedback not only to produce high-caliber pages, but to grow and learn as well. It also will be important to find ways to streamline some of our work.

Features design director Lisa Clausen and news design director Chris Clonts will lead the department, working as partners to manage daily and advance work and guide our most important visual journalism into the paper.

Helping them will be two assistant design directors, Nicole Hvidsten and Colleen Kelly, leaders with deep understanding of design and the nuances of production. They're also outstanding problem-solvers and all-around journalists.

These changes are effective immediately. Congratulations all around.
Congrats and good luck to all those newly situated.

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Blogger ashley.dinges said...

Congrats Chris!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007 10:12:00 PM  

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