Three days, two conferences

(Michael Whitley discussing how to survive and thrive in a political newsroom).

The Blog experienced conference-palooza this week in the Northwest.

First, the excellent An Event Apart in Seattle. It was a two-day oasis of the Web's best designers and developers, including Khoi Vinh -- Design Director at NYTimes.com. He gave an nuanced presentation on the importance of grid-based design (see the results at yeeaahh.subtraction.com). Don't forget: Khoi will be in two sessions at SND Boston. Plus, be sure to check out the work of Khoi's fellow presenters who are doing work applicable to news design: Mike Davidson (of Newsvine), Jason Santa-Maria (of HappyCog) and Jeffrey Veen (design manager at Google).

And across the state line: a SND Quick Course hosted by the fine folks at The Oregonian. Some highlights:

Steve Sandstrom reminded us that "an obvious lie is just another way to tell the truth," -- and introduced us to one of his clients, Cost Vineyard: A quintessentially journalistic wine maker.

Michael Whitley, in explaining how to navigate office politics, successfully compared newsrooms to a TempurPedic pillow. He stressed the importance of coalitions, avoiding avoidance and that "incremental change is still change."

Tim Harrower breezed through a few hundred pages to demonstrate the massive range of inventive design happening around the world. Radical crops, rotated pages, type attacks, sex appeal, big photos, extreme color and much, much more.

Martin Gee showed off the ultimate weapon (his pencil) in addition to the Mecury News' collection of "wild sheep and goats" stock photos as a prelude to explaining how to do more with less. Some examples: Zen and the art of photo copiers, lessons learned from Mr. Potato Head, recycling/collecting techniques and how to hide a cat.

The day wrapped up with a casual panel discussion about the role of news design on the Web... A conversation sure to continue non-stop, and which will receive great attention in Boston.

(Image credits: Michael Whitley photo by Tyson Evans / Khoi Vinh photo by Rob Goodlatte)

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Anonymous martin gee said...

thanks for the write-up tyson. pleasure to meet you and everyone who came this weekend. props to mark, randy and everybody involved. good times.

it's not just my pencil, it's yours and everybody else's too! =)

just made a little video. i want to make one of the quick course too but the quality from the isight wasn't that good. we'll see how it goes.


Monday, June 25, 2007 4:44:00 AM  

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