Underground art

The Blog was talking to some of its Silicon Valley art pals last night after an opening and they mentioned there's a Camille Rose Garcia exhibit coming to the San Jose Museum of Art next week.

Astute SNDers will recall the museum was the opening reception site for SNDSJ in 2004, but that's not the attraction this time: It's Garcia's work, which has an amazing narrative thread and stunning imagery. Count The Blog as a big fan.

Garcia comes from the underground scene in Los Angeles (sometimes called either the "lowbrow" or "pop surrealist" movement) with varied visual work that incorporates everything from comics to punk rock to reactions to the news; she has a series that explores the aftermath of destructive events, as one example.

If you're not here in the Bay Area for the show, don't worry: You can check it out online and in the cool video above from the museum.

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