Tick-tock! The Minneapolis
Quick Course draws near!

The clock's ticking down -- are you registered for the Minneapolis Quick Course this Saturday?

As previously reported here at The Blog
, this QC, hosted by the Star Tribune and site chair/all around cool kid Leslie Plesser, might be notable because it will be Monica Moses' first big speaking engagement since leaving the Strib following its much-discussed ownership and publisher change.

The theme of Saturday's program is "Content on Steroids." And since we're all trying to help our newspapers in the age of fleeing readers, the timing of this QC is impeccable.

  • Moses' session will focus on innovation in the newsroom and how you can stave off conflicts between words and visuals.
  • Bryan Nanista of Metro Magazine in Minny will offer up some tips on making sure visuals are involved early in story discussions.
  • We've all had them -- great story that everyone loves ... and not a piece of art to work with. Suzette Moyer, formerly of the Hartford Courant and now the senior designer at the St. Pete Times, will help you out with creative problem solving.
  • David Kordalski of the Cleveland Plain Dealer will show how to take those annual stories that we see coming from a mile away and keep them fresh every year.
  • And you know you love them -- Alternative Story Forms are all the rage. And they've proven to be quite effective. So just when does a story warrant this treatment? A panel of visual leaders from the Strib and the St. Paul Pioneer Press will guide you through.

Site chair Plesser is pretty geeked about the great lineup, herself. "I'm just really excited to see this group of talented speakers," Plesser told The Blog on Wednesday morning. "Suzette Moyer, David Kordalski and Monica Moses are such huge industry leaders who are really great at thinking outside the box -- and they are fantastic teachers as well. Plus, we have some new speakers that you haven't seen before with Bryan Nanista and the folks from the Strib and Pioneer Press. I think there's a lot to gain from this session. I can't wait to have my own pages critiqued by such a talented gang!"

So what are you waiting for? It's not too late to get signed up. And the forecast is calling for temps in the mid-70s in Minny this weekend! Bonus!

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