They're blogging the wildfires
at the Los Angeles Times site

The famous Griffith Park Observatory is visible as flames approach from the surrounding mountains. (Photograph by Spencer Weiner, LAT)

As wildfires rage in the hills of sprawling Griffith Park, it's fascinating to see the Los Angeles Times using a blog to keep the rolling news constantly updated (in an effort that recalls lessons learned from The Times-Picayune during Hurricane Katrina).

The Times also has been asking readers to share their photos, and in camera-equipped L.A. there are a lot of excellent photographs of the unfolding disaster. We believe they should also be asking for uploaded videos, considering that many in the movie-making community inhabit those hills.

The breaking news blog and the associated reader-driven coverage are the latest way that mainstream media has begun to adapt in the face of evolving technology, stepping down from its perch of authority to work hard for immediacy and enable citizen journalists to step up.

We applaud those efforts here at The Blog ... It's interesting to see what the front page of the print newspaper brought this morning.

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