Quick Course in Portland:
Visit the site + make plans now

The Blog hears that our good buddy Mark Friesen over at NewsDesigner has cooked up a cool site for the upcoming Quick Course in Portland on June 23. The event will be hosted by Mark's friendly employer, The Oregonian.

The site has sections on speakers (a list that includes Tim Harrower, Martin Gee, Michael Whitley, and Steve Sandstrom), information on how to get there and the promise of cool things to do in Portland. The topic? "How to do more with less," something every journalist must consider in these tenuous times.

Before you fix our collective future, though, The Blog suggests a trek to Powell's, the biggest and best bookstore we have ever spent way too long visiting. It's worth a stop, but a warning: You will want to give yourself plenty of time ... They hand out store maps at the door.

Make your plans for this terrific training by registering now, and stay an extra day if you can. There's plenty to see and do in Portland!

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Anonymous Mark A. Dodge Medlin said...

You beat me to it with your Powell's recommendation. If I'm passing through Portland and have time to do just one thing, it's always a trip to the City of Books.

Thursday, May 24, 2007 8:40:00 PM  

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