Online Journalism Awards 2007
are open for submission now

The Blog's inbox just keeps filling up with folks who want our contest entries. We're so flattered. Really, we are.

Next up on the to-enter list: The 2007 Online Journalism Awards, which honor the best online journalism in lots of editorial categories, are now open for submission.

They've made some changes to the rules and such, so if you have entered in the past be sure to read carefully this time around. The entry period is today (May 1) through June 30, and the Online News Association folks are pretty much sticklers about meeting that final cut-off, so don't dally around getting your entries in.

The Blog notes that this contest is one that names finalists and then judges final winners through a narrowing process, so winning here is fairly competitive all around. Trust us, too ... The top editors look favorably on this particular competition, lest we needed to give you another reason to consider it.

The Blog leaves you pondering this question: When did June become awards entry season anyway?

Resource Winners and finalists will be announced and honored at the 2007 ONA Conference in Toronto

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