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MattE gets into character, SND Houston, 2005 ~ NewsDesigner image
The Blog watched American Idol with avid interest tonight ... Bon Jovi night, Blog babies! That's right, a night of music with Jon Bon Jovi, the man who's even more famous in New Jersey than Harris Siegel.

Why do we care? Because The Blog's own MattE (Region 4 director for SND and our hard-workin' colleague on this group writing experiment we have going) does our favorite renditions of Bon Jovi classics and we wanted to see if any of the Idol phenoms could match up. Would not be easy, folks.

MattE's known for his spirited Wanted Dead or Alive, which has been sung (with verve and drama, The Blog might add) at every major SND event of the last five years. Tough to compare yourself to work like that.

Idol Top 6-er Chris Richardson gave Wanted a really solid try, very soulful, a real different take. Chris might even have gotten himself to be among the Top 4 with that one, though it was nothing as good as last year's Chris Daughtry performance of Dead or Alive, but, hey, that dude was robbed anyway.

Only Phil Stacey, opening with Blaze of Glory from Young Guns, was really in the same league as our own MattE, and we think that's just because Bon Jovi himself coached Phil. Imagine if MattE had that shot. Chills.

Guess we'll see what Idol voters think on Wednesday night ... but you already know how The Blog is voting.

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