Bringing typography home

Page 37 of May's Real Simple.

The Blog's whole family harbors a deep love for printed matter. Typography, design, newspapers are often fodder for discussion during dinner over at The Blog's House. The Blog's 10-month-old Son can tear through a newspaper in seconds, broadsheet or tabloid. And The Blog's Lovely Wife subscribes to a number of highly respected magazines. Two worth mentioning are the wildly entertaining and exceptionally edited (nice use of pink and yellow) US Weekly and the incredibly useful, exquisitely clean Real Simple. "Life Made Easier," now there's a motto for a publication.

Oh, and what do we find on Page 37 of May's Real Simple: A four-page spread on how to design one's home using type. That's some interior decorating The Blog can appreciate. Among the gems:
  1. On the shelf: Repurpose old signs, printing blocks and other typographical elements on the mantel or bookshelf.
  2. On the table: Throw an old restaurant menu, document (think birth certificate or wedding invitation) on the copy machine for a cool place mat or table-runner. Go one step further and glue it to a lamp shade.
  3. On the wall: Make a collage of old post-cards, letter-forms, clippings and doo-dads in a shadow box. It could look just like one of Martin Gee's sketch books.
Unfortunately, The Blog's Wife is in charge of home decor, so it looks like the only interior design The Blog will be doing is inside pages.

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