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An interesting trend the Region 4 Blog noticed Friday in Day 1 of the ASBPE's Azbee Awards? Typography jokes. That top one is from Shelter magazine and is an entire article on door skins. We didn't even know what door skins were before Friday. And ya gotta love the brace-face in-joke in Independent Agent magazine, below. (MattE photos)

On Saturday, judging wrapped up for design categories in the annual Azbee Awards. Never heard of them? Those are the prizes doled out by the American Society of Business Publication Editors.

The Region 4 Blog was joined in Wheaton, Ill., on Friday by RedEye design director Chris Courtney and freelance editor Renee Pas for Day 1 of the judging process for the design-based categories. Saturday's Day 2 brought in judges Jen Mystkowski of Crain's Chicago Business and formerly of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Virginian-Pilot and Terry Ntovas-Roth of TNR Design, formerly of mags like Rolling Stone, Allure and Elle.

The judges assessment of the competition, which is comprised of business-to-business magazines and industry specialty publications, was that while there's plenty out there that left them going, "Uhhh .... ewwwww," there's also a lot out there that really took them by surprise and left a much better impression.

Some of the faves on Saturday? Titles like Emergency Management, CIO, R&I, and Builder.

For a closer look at the judging and the judges in this interesting competition, head over to the Region 4 Blog.

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