The Intern: They've Arrived

HARTFORD (May 30, 2007) - The long-awaited arrival of applications for the Society for News Design's Intern competition ended Tuesday when packages were found crammed into Kristin Lenz's mailbox.

Manila envelopes, letter envelopes, USPS, FedEx -- you name it, the applications arrived in it. One larger entry was even received in two sides of a sizable moving box taped together. Postmarks included Oregon, Michigan, Washington D.C. and South Dakota. One entry made it's way from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

When asked how she thought the competition was shaping up, Lenz said she was excited to see the turnout of about 30 entries so far, and was optimistic that more would trickle in through the week.

The graphics staff at The Hartford Courant spent Wednesday opening up envelopes and taking a glance at what students were proposing. The concept of the storyboard project was, "What If The Draft Were Implemented?"

"Is that a sketch of the United States?" one staffer asked.

"It looks like a cut of meat."

"Or a sock."

"They left out Cape Cod. Guess they didn't want to work at The Globe."


There was a wide range of ideas in traditional and non-traditional formats. Some entries were all print, some all multimedia and a few toggled between both. Themes were forming and the sketches were sketches – fabulous and funny all at the same time. But what was apparent was that the students were getting across some very strong concepts.

"The greatest thing about this approach is the rawness of it," Lenz said. "The students were really challenged to think about content and how its presentation effects a reader's ability to absorb it and understand the depth of it.

"It's interesting to see the thought process of something that's not only a creative avenue but also a highly informative one."

Lenz said the announcement of the Top 10 is scheduled to be made in July. She said she will update The Blog here and at sndboston.com with updates on themes -- and possibly new renderings of the continuous United States.


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