The Intern: Lick, stick & send

HARTFORD, CT --- After many sleepless nights, finger-biting trips to the mail room and relentless marketing tactics, Kristin Lenz received the first Intern application Monday at The Hartford Courant. Careful not to tear the contents, she opened the envelope, spread the entry across the graphics department light table and pondered. She thought to herself, "This is going to be soooo cool!"

OK, enough of this third-person stuff. It is absolutely intriguing to see how the creative mind and the informative mind work together. I guess they are probably one in the same. But no matter, I was fascinated with entry No. 1 -- and it's only entry No. 1.

Like a good drug, or shoes, I need more. The Globe needs more, The Times expects more, The Pilot wants more and The Courant craves more. Speaking of more, we owe you one more paper. Promise, it's coming. Good things take time.

Lick, stick and send, interns. You've only got 11 days ... 11 DAYS ... to get those bad babies cleaned up, tucked into a USPS approved mailing parcel and on their way to Connecticut.

Connecticut is lovely this time of year. And 12 months from now you could be on your way here, too ...


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Anonymous martin gee said...

11 days before deadline?!? either this person deserves an award or be told this is the wrong industry to be in. =)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 2:49:00 AM  

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