Improving the online reading experience

At the Microsoft MIX 07 conference in Las Vegas this week, Roger Black and Tom Bodkin, AME & Design Director at The New York Times, discussed: the standalone Times Reader; the future of digital publications; the narrative experience; and how "webby" is bad for reading a publication. Their panel, titled Improving the Online Media Experience, is available as an audio broadcast alongside a demo. Some interesting nuggets (via Functioning Form):
  • In the past 500 years, print was the predominant medium for communication. We are still in the early stages of adapting to new mediums.
  • When using the Times Reader, the audience is more engaged. It better mimics actually reading a newspaper. Times subscribers read the paper an average of 48 minutes a day. Its online readers average less then an hour a month. But the Times Reader audience averages 23 minutes a day and have seven times more page views then Web readers.

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Anonymous James Kesn said...

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