Detroit's Rosa Castellanos:
The VisualMente interview

About a month ago, Elio Leturia had a chat with Rosa Castellanos, an award-winning features designer at the Detroit Free Press, over at the VisualMente Blog.

Leturia, a longtime design ace at the FreeP before becoming a faculty member at Columbia College in Chicago about 1 1/2 years ago, talked with Castellanos, left, about her creative process, being bilingual and bicultural in the newspaper design business and the differences beteween North American and Latin American designers.

The SND Region 4 Blog provides some translated highlights of the interview, plus links to the full versions in both Spanish and English at VisualMente.

Our favorite part? Castellanos' discussion of the SND award-winning "Whoopie Cushion" page from the 28th Edition competition:

Leturia: What was the process in creating the "Whoopie Cushion" page that won an SND award in the last competition?
Castellanos: It was complicated in many ways. First, flatulence is not a popular subject for North American newspaper readers. ... There was not a long time to think about concepts. ... The editor of the section sent the whoopie cushion to us. That was the unique thing that we had for art for the cover and the inside pages. The problem was that the whoopie cushion itself had very strong typography and would compete with the headline. The headline "Ooops" came naturally -- the intention was to unite the art with the headline, and it occurred!

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