'The world as you've
never seen it before'

A cartogram of worldwide alcohol consumption

The Blog recently noticed in a magazine (was it that "Green Issue" of Vanity Fair?) some stunning cartograms that were produced in a unique collaboration between two universities. The project is called WorldMapper, and it's a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest.

The Blog has picked a favorite area of interest above. Ahem.
(Did you know the average Western European drinks a third more alcohol than the average person living in any other region?)

The maps really are a terrific tool for analyzing trends and visually comparing disparate data. They just look cool, too.

Maps are by Mark Newman, with data by Danny Dorling and text by Anna Barford. The moniker for the project is "the world as you've never seen it before" ... and The Blog agrees that's it's a stunning new site. So head on over to the WorldMapper page to see more.

WorldMapper also lets you download PDF posters for some of your favorite cartograms. (That may be the geekiest sentence The Blog has ever written, but, hey, we mean it!)

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