Whew! Portfolio can be fun, too

The Blog loves a good screed as much as the next person. Maybe more.

That's why we were thrilled to see the inspired multimedia work of Amy Wallace and Isabel Chang on that new-fangled business journalism site for Conde Nast's ultra-talked-about Portfolio, which The Blog worried would be too doggone serious.

The Blog was cautious this week when the site started up (we'd read all that bad press, just like everyone else). Our fears, though, were not whether the business journalism heft would be there. We knew it would.

The Blog worried in the opposite direction ... You see 'em go and spend a bazillion dollars to launch a new title and you're concerned that maybe the moneymen won't let the editors bring the snark.

Our fears have been allayed, though: Witness this gem, based "on the hyper-aggressive scare tactics -- and prolific letter-writing -- of lawyer Martin Singer," known to bring the snark (and the promise of pocket-emptying lawsuits) himself.

The cool illustration/diagram/interactive piece where you make your own screed is a hoot to play around with, so give it a spin.

Next week: The Blog checks in with Portfolio's Zubin Jelveh, who authors Chartistry, the biz pub's one-of-a-kind melding of infographics and insight.

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