What's next for Monica Moses?
First stop is Minneapolis QC

Site chair Leslie Plesser of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the Quick Course in the Twin Cities will be the first major public appearance for Monica Moses since Monica left the paper a few weeks ago, just after the change of ownership and the arrival of new publisher Par Ridder.

Ridder, of course, has been sued by his old paper, the Pioneer Press, and its owner, Media News, for allegedly stealing secrets on his way to the Strib. Yeesh, who said the Twin Cities were tranquil?

But back to that Quick Course at the University of Minnesota (which happens May 5, by the way) ...

It's all about visual journalists getting involved early. Monica's on tap to discuss the path a new idea takes to acceptance. Here's her description: "First, a new idea is ridiculed. Next, it is met with vicious opposition. Then, it is accepted as self-evident. The discussion will focus on the conflict of words and visuals through history and what designers need to do to defuse the conflict."

Suzette Moyer, senior designer at the St. Petersburg Times (and the former design leader at the Hartford Courant), will also illustrate the importance and utility of using content as the starting point for creative problem-solving. And David Kordalski, AME/Visuals at The Plain Dealer, shows the ways you can take a fresh look at the packages you do every year. So the lineup looks terrific.

What The Blog's betting on?
The chance for candid conversation in the Q/A session at the end. You might get a chance to ask Monica, and the assembled journalists from both the PiPress and the Strib, what it's like to be inside such a public discussion about journalism ethics, building a culture of creativity and the process of producing good journalism while there are other distractions. We're sure that will be interesting, so you might want to sign up now.

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