A veteran newspaper watcher
worries and wonders

Excerpt via journalism.org, posted on Monday (4.9.07)

For the past 30 years, newspaper industry analyst John Morton and his influential newsletter have been something of an oracle for the world of newsprint -- covering where the industry is and where it's headed. Now, having decided to end the newsletter's long run, he has ominous words -- mixed with a few suggestion -- about the future.

"I'm usually a glass half-empty kind of guy," Morton said in a phone interview with PEJ. "I think the newspaper industry will have a tough next decade -- tougher than the previous 10 years. If newspapers keep cutting staff and their news hole, I'm pessimistic."

"But if they decide they still gather something important to people, something valuable that people want," he added, "I'm more optimistic."

Full interview here.



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