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Looks like they have the makings for some pretty useful multimedia training in Tucson later this month. With so many newsrooms scrambling to get up to speed on audio and video, this is one of the types of Quick Courses that SND members said they needed more often to keep up on our changing craft.

Mike Rice, the guy organizing this particular shindig for the Arizona Daily Star and SND, tells The Blog that there will be a combination of practical advice and awesome inspiration. Sounds good to us.

Mike has lined up the gurus from Apple to do media rich hands-on instruction for all the attendees, so it's a good chance to play with stuff on actual computers. And if you use a PC, don't worry: We're told that the folks who are not Apple will cover that ground, so the QC, putting on its best multimedia mannerisms, is trying to be platform agnostic!

There's also what appears to be a quality speaker lineup that includes Len DeGroot from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Tim D'Avis, the online director at the Quad-City Times in Davenport, Iowa, and a host of folks from Arizona who will help keep the day lively (and you'll enjoy shop talk over drinks into the evening if past QCs are any indicator). Register here.

Multimedia madness
Here at The Blog, we have a few other good resources for you to check out before you plunge into the Tucson QC (just don't forget to sign up) ...

* Our old blog buddy Richard Koci Hernandez at MultimediaShooter has a great post on building a starter kit.
(Full disclosure: Richard works with me at the San Jose Mercury News, but don't hold that against him!)

* Check out the stylish Apple video about washingtonpost.com, which appears to be getting a boatload of great press these days for its work delivering new experiences using multiple platforms. The site has already earned two Emmys and was just honored with a Peabody Award for Being a Black Man, the groundbreaking series that "explores the lives of black men through their shared experiences and existence."

* Just for some more random inspiration, you should see the amazing stuff they're doing with the ubiquitous Soundslides at San Francisco State University.

* Finally, from our friends at Ohio University, a video taste of how the National Press Photographers Association does the judging for its Best of Photojournalism editing competition over a crazed three-day period. Looks slightly familiar for those of us who do the Best of Newspaper Design competition every year at Syracuse University!

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Blogger MattE. said...

I've been pimping Mr. Rice's Quick Course for a while now at the Region 4 blog and VizEds, and I'll say the same basic thing here. If you can find another way to get three hours of hands-on training from the multimedia experts at Apple Inc. for the cost of this Quick Course - and get all these other great speakers and sessions at the same time as icing on the cake - then more power to ya. But you can't. This is a rare opportunity for some absolutely crucial training, and you're not going to want to be left in the dust. Don't miss this one!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 10:11:00 AM  

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