Thoroughly (modern) London

We went to the Tate Modern today and, oh man, what a great experience. Just about every time we are here, we avail ourselves of the coolness on The Thames. The museum is just an amazing space, built around the idea of ideas.

And, of course, the experience of interactivity. Designers beware: There is no such thing as a short trip to the Tate Modern. You always engage with something.

We checked out the many cool exhibits and checked in on the use of Gotham Rounded at The Tate. At least we think that's what we're seeing. Maybe Jonathan Hoefler can confirm that for us here at The Blog. JH, did we get that right?

So after the multiple up-and-down stairway treks at The Tate, we met a few more London friends for drinks (first at pubs) and ended up back at The American Bar here at The Savoy, where we took that final lift trip back to our room before the long ride back to California in the morning. JB sends us out with this picture (where I was doing my best to make the look match the scene) ... Back to you soon from The States.

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