They're back in business ...

Francie Williamson has some help and BizDesigner has begun posting again, which is good news for fans of business journalism who want to know how you design some of the most difficult subjects in the newspaper. So kudos to Francie and her new contributors, who have posted on these topics in the last few days ...
  1. The work at El Economista (above) that has been such a hot topic. Miguel Buckenmeyer weighs in with "How I learned to love Whitney Bold," a fascinating essay about his amazing work as art director on the Madrid financial daily that was named a World's Best-Designed paper this year by SND.
  2. The business redesign at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, including thoughts from Rebekah Monson on the reasons for a reinvention, and how the work went from idea to implementation.
  3. And Mary Yanni of the Star-Ledger shares some of her favorite biz design resources.
So it looks like Francie is getting some help, but we're pretty sure she would not turn down more if anyone has good business stuff to share. Pay a visit and see for yourself.

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