Sun-Times launches redesign

More news out of Chicago: The Sun-Times took the wraps off their redesign this morning, showing off a revamped format featuring exclusively local, Chicago-centric content. Over at the Sun-Times Web site, you can watch a video hosted by Sun-Times Publisher John Cruickshank introducing some of the paper's new features.

Those features "will include 'Chicagopedia,' a twice-a-week feature explaining the Chicago dialect; '24/7,' a kind of citywide police blotter, and more features about high school sports teams and players," according to a story in Crain's Chicago Business.

Meanwhile, Robb Montgomery has an interview with Sun-Times editor Michael Cooke over on VisualEditors.com, along with some preview pages from the first edition. One interesting quote Cooke offers up during the interview:
"It's a little bit more grown up. You know, our biggest problem has been Red Eye ... So the front page has to have those great tabloid front page attributes. You have to have power. You have to have humor. You have to have emotion. And you have to have attitude. And if you can hit 3 out of 4 every day, or even sometimes 4 out of 4, then we're going to be in good shape."
Power. Humor. Emotion. Attitude. How many people can say that about their paper every day?

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