Students: Better send your stuff
soon for the big show in Boston

This post is for students: We already told you about the great papers you could work for if you win The Intern competition this October at the SND Annual Workshop + Exhibition in Boston. Like they say in all those gaming ads, though, you can't win if you don't play!

The Boston organizers want your doodles, and they want them now! Not this minute, of course, but soon (postmarked by May 25!) and that means only one thing: You really don't have much time, what with the end of school this spring and the stuff you have to do to get ready for the summer. So sharpen those pencils, get out that sketchbook and get yourself a shot at working at The New York Times or The Boston Globe or The Hartford Courant!

They need some stuff from you for this to work, however, so here at The Blog we're going to make it really easy to enter ...

Just try our five-step plan to The Intern Entry Procrastination Recovery Program (and, don't worry, neither Dr. Phil nor Oprah will call):
  1. Download the ad right here to get all the details, specifics, non-disclosure agreements, set list, you name it.
  2. Download the application right here so you won't wonder how to make your case for competing once you have decided it's absolutely worth doing no matter how busy things seem right now in that crazed sprint to finish classes.
  3. Get some inspiration. Do the doodles. Find your "magic hour" and get in the groove. Design like you mean it!
  4. Download more of the details right here if you're a compulsive, dot-every-i sort of person. It will calm you. You will feel better. You will gaze on your sketches with new inspiration. (Not a detail person? Please move directly to Step 5. )
  5. Smile knowingly (or smirk, if that's your way) as you send off your sketches to Boston, knowing you will prevail and choose your rightful spot among the competitors for one of these coveted internships. Pick your favorite reality show (The Blog loves Beauty and The Geek, not sure why) and begin studying tactics, ready for any design or life challenge they throw your way.
Just remember those of us here at The Blog when you're rubbing elbows with the top echelon of American journalism. You'll do that, right? Right?

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