SND Member Showcase:
Daniel Dulhunty, New Zealand

Some very effective work on a difficult topic, census reporting, caught The Blog's eye as it was browsing the new offerings at our partner porfolio site NewsPageDesigner. The fresh take on the subject was by SND member Daniel Dulhunty of The New Zealand Herald, another installment as we profile the work of the Society's members far and wide.

What makes this page work? Smart solution on the use of color to guide readers through the package, a great headline paired with the flag as backdrop, and the swell crops on the simple lineup of faces.

The Blog believes Dulhunty did a good job balancing it all: Even given that loud ad at the bottom, we know what the news is here and what dominates. Just shows all you American designers who are starting to cope with section front advertising that the easiest way to make your point may be to shout above the din below.

Want more? See the rest of Dulhunty's portfolio here.

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