SND Ethics Panel
Honored by Ball State

Ball State's Department of Journalism awarded SND a special citation this week to honor the Society's creation of an ethics policy.

SND president Scott Goldman accepted the honor of behalf of the entire group who contributed to the discussion and creation of the code of ethics last year. That group included SND past presidents Tony Majeri, Phil Nesbitt, Richard Curtis, Susan Mango Curtis, Bill Gaspard and Christine McNeal, as well as Steve Cavendish and Bill Parker of the Chicago Tribune, Kenny Irby of the Poynter Institute and SND vice president Gayle Grin.

The citation reads, in part: "Finally, visual journalists are seen as equals in newsrooms that were once run by traditional word reporters. The code of ethics reinforces the idea that visual journalists are not merely artists, but are peers in understanding the importance of accuracy, honesty, fairness, inclusiveness and courage -- the five key values the code addresses.

"For creating a policy that reinforces the importance of ethical decision-making in visual journalistic storytelling, the Ball State University Department of Journalism is proud to give a special citation to the Society for News Design."

Majeri was also present to award the Majeri Award for Graphic Journalism ... to the great Nigel Holmes. Nigel added his name to a list of former winners that includes Deborah Withey, Harris Siegel, Tim Harrower, Mario Garcia, Karl Gude, Richard Curtis, Kay Addis, Scott Horner and Don Wittekind. That's one impressive list of winners ...

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