A six-pack for Saturday ...

The Blog has been meaning to link to a bunch of other cool stuff this week, but news overtook us and we're just making our way through the inbox now.

Don't worry, though: We have a special weekend edition that covers an array of topics and covers The Blog's collective butt as we try to keep current. Read on ...

Voice: AIGA Journal of Design: The prolific Steven Heller (when does he sleep?) has an interview with Cyrus Highsmith, who has designed many of the Font Bureau's most-popular typefaces (that's Antenna above). The Blog was lucky enough to work with Cyrus on several redesign projects (we used his versatile expansion of Benton Sans in Lexington), so we believe him when he makes the case that the world needs more typography, not less.


The Apple Pro site: Great color resource center that walks you through the basics (if you're a newbie with needs) and teaches even old pros a trick or two. Find out what color experts and artists -- including Peter Arkle, Jody Turner, James Victore, Matias Bilbao and Russell Brown -- have to say about their favorite colors and how they use them.


VisualMente: They're rolling out interviews with a wildly talented group of American designers. Chats with (and lots of stellar page examples from) Vince Chiaramonte and Josh Bohling have already appeared. Up soon: Kristin Lenz, Daniel Marzula and Martin Gee.


What's Next: Innovations in Newspapers: Juan Antonio Giner takes to task Janet Robinson and the management team at The New York Times Company for what he sees as a poorly executed strategy with one of the greatest newsgathering organizations in the world. Definitely provocative reading.


NAO: The gang over at the News Artists' Organization just closed the first quarterly competition/showcase thing they started and are promising results in about a week. Fans of information graphics (that includes The Blog), please stay tuned!


Dwell: Because it's the weekend and because The Blog's plans usually involve either actual travel or the planning and promise of future travel, we leave you with Parsing Paris, a terrific piece on change in the old city by Michelle Hoffman with make-your-mouth-water-for-France photos by Jessica Antola ...

Fait accompli!
Guess we're au courant now ...
Back at you on Monday!

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