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Trying to keep up on the latest trends in color? It's one of the most time-consuming things in design (aside from all those pesky deadlines and editors), but there's some good help out there.

If you have never visited colourlovers.com, give it a try. There's lots of swell stuff on applied use, highlights and lowlights, trends and tirades, the spectrum of it all (sorry, had to).

Here at the SND International Web Desk one of our favorite features on the site is where the editors show you what colors leading publications are using, and how that applies to what's current and hip. Real savvy and slick.

Shameless plug: The site is up for a Webby Award this year and, as regular users of this little goldmine, we're hoping they have a shot at winning. So if you do like what you see, well, ahem, go cast your vote!

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