Premiere magazine print edition
calls it quits in the U.S.

A postcard announcing the death of the magazine is all the warning Premiere subscribers were given of the publication's demise. Subscribers will instead receive Us Weekly for the remainder of their subscriptions.
(Photo Illustration by MattE)

In a move that came as a shock to the vast majority of its subscribers, Premiere magazine has announced its April 2007 issue will be its last - though it will continue to publish its Web site as well as the European version of its print product.

And they announced it with a postcard sent to its subscribers, telling them that they would be receiving Us Weekly in its place for the remainder of their subscriptions.

The text of the rather annoyingly cold-hearted (at least for lovers of the magazine) postcard:

Dear (Subscriber),
The April 2007 Issue was the last issue published of Premiere Magazine. We are pleased to inform you that you will receive Us Weekly for the remaining portion of your subscription. You will receive one issue of Us Weekly for every paid issue remaining in your Premiere subscription.

Us Weekly brings you celebrity photos, breaking news and exclusive interviews - plus the hottest fashion and beauty trends straight from the red carpet. If you are already an Us Weekly subscriber, your current subscription will be extended.

We hope you enjoy Us Weekly.

Phil Young
Reportedly, subscribers who do not wish to receive Us Weekly can request a cash refund in its place. Us Weekly is published by Wenner Media; Premiere is published by Hachette Filipacchi Media, which is the largest magazine publishing company in the world. Other HFM titles include American Photo, Car and Driver, Popular Photography and Road & Track.

Premiere enjoyed a 20-year run as one of the world's ... uhh, premiere movie industry publications. This blogger has enjoyed reading it nearly since its inception. And while it could often be hit-and-miss from a visual standpoint - always great portrait photography, but often a sense of type use that couldn't seem to stay consistent - it was always a great read. This blogger found through the years that it was the only magazine he would read cover-to-cover, every issue.

While the official announcement came in early March and was reported in publications like the Los Angeles Times, it seems Premiere didn't exactly go out of its way to make sure its readers knew this was coming. The postcards started arriving in mailboxes April 22 or so, and the early buzz at the magazine's online forums seems to be that of extreme disappointment. Word around the campfire says there is no announcement of the demise in the final issue, which features "Blades of Glory" star Will Ferrell on the cover. The magazine had a loyal following, though its sales numbers had reportedly dropped considerably in the last several years compared to its mid-90s heyday, as had its advertising revenue.

An article on Variety.com reports that the rise of movie-related Web sites has much to do with Premiere's print product calling it quits. The magazine's end also signals an end of sorts to movie magazines in general. Several years ago, Movieline magazine, which tried to be a hipper version of Premiere, went under after a short run. It was Premiere's only true competition for a good while. With Premiere leaving newsstands, there are no longer any general interest movie-only pubs left in the U.S. Entertainment Weekly may come the closest now that Premiere's run is over.

Variety does report that former Premiere West Coast Editor Tim Swanson will be the online entertainment editor for upstart mag Conde Nast Portfolio, where SND pal John Grimwade is the graphics editor. Other Premiere staffers have settled in at the LAT and mags like People.

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