Photojournalists will converge
on the Bay Area this weekend

San Jose Mercury News archive photo

The Blog looks forward to Friday every week, but this one means more than the usual shuffle to the neighborhood watering hole. That's because Pictures of the Year International will hold its annual education and awards program right here, in The Blog's own back yard, with photojournalists from far and wide showing up.

Apologies to Dan, The Blog's usual Friday bartender, but we think we just got a better offer. And because our day job is one of the sponsors, well, we think we have a good shot of not getting tossed out.

The two-day program (one day in San Francisco and another in Berkeley) will include six presentations from the major award recipients; a panel discussion on the evolution of multimedia; a Fotovision cooperative presentation by master photographers Alex and Rebecca Webb; two POYi slideshows; and the prestigious awards ceremony.

Did someone say open bar? Wait, we meant training opportunity. Really.

Ahem, back to business ... Who will be on hand to schmooze with, er, learn from? Jeez, who won't?

Tyler Hicks, from The New York Times and POYi's Newspaper Photographer of the Year, and Christopher Anderson, from Magnum and the Magazine Photographer of the Year, will be speaking.

And the rest of the lineup looks terrific, too ...
  • Renee Byer, The Sacramento Bee, Pulitzer Prize and World Understanding Award winner.
  • Colin Crawford, Los Angeles Times, Angus McDougall Overall Excellence in Editing Award
  • Tom Kennedy, WashingtonPost.com, 1st Best Use Multimedia, Major Media
  • Brian Storm, MediaStorm, 1st Best Use Multimedia, Small Media
  • Richard Koci Hernandez, San Jose Mercury News, 2nd Best Use Multimedia, Major Media
  • Rich Beckman, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 2nd Best Use Multimedia, Small Media
The Blog hopes we can get Koci to karaoke, but even if we can't we bet we can get him to do wildly instructive video interviews. As long as he's on his usual dosage of caffeine, we have a good shot at both.

Not to worry in any case: Because we're all about serving you, our faithful readers/viewers, here at The Blog, we'll do our best to glean knowledge and insight from the assembled all-stars. Expect a full report on Monday.

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