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"Helvetica" in New York City

The sold-out "Helvetica" show last night at The New School here in New York City was a lot of fun, and, yes, seeing the movie was actually worth all the hype. It's terrific.

The movie features smart designers talking artfully about the craft, the ways type creates meaning and message. The style of the film itself also has some great montage that shows visual culture at work around the world. If you're a fan of design, it's mostly mesmorizing.

Kudos to director Gary Hustwit (who also produced "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart," that cool Wilco documentary) on making a movie with such great voice. And thanks to AIGA New York for making such a cool evening happen!

Massimo Vignelli, Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones talked after the screening about their work, favorite typography and the places where they see the craft heading. The Blog's Steve Dorsey got some good video of that and we'll have it up in the next week.

Hearing Vignelli, the architect of the New York City subway type, talk about why he chose the cleanly and modern Helvetica for his typographic revamp of transit here -- and how that became a classic -- was especially delightful.

"Helvetica" at SNDBoston!
Good news for SNDBoston attendees, you will be able to see the movie yourself. Dan Zedek tells The Blog that the workshop has been able to snag one of the limited screenings for SND's big annual event this fall. Now you have another reason to be there (as if you needed more)!

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