NABJ says Imus must go;
Monroe in heated exchange

The National Association of Black Journalists "remains outraged after the racially inflammatory insults made by radio personality Don Imus," who was suspended for two weeks by NBC News president Steve Capus on Monday. NABJ would prefer Imus be fired.

Capus said the suspension comes "after careful consideration in the days since his racist, abhorrent comments were made. ..." Imus has said his comments about the Rutgers women's basketball players being "nappy-headed 'hos" was taken out of context.

But Bryan Monroe, NABJ's president and a longtime SND member, struck a nerve with Imus in a heated exchange Monday on Al Sharpton's Radio Show that was very revealing. On the phone, Monroe said he resented Imus' claim that black journalists didn't properly cover the topic of sickle cell anemia.

Monroe pointed out that his magazine, Ebony, had been covering the story for decades, "since you (Imus) were doing spots for used cars."

"I did not come on this program to let you insult me," said Imus. "I'll tell you what, I bet I've slept in a house with more black children who are not related to me than you have ... Do not get in my face about this ... Why don't you show up here in person ... "

"Hold it a minute," said Sharpton.

"I'm just keepin' it real," snapped Imus.

"You at the right show," Sharpton quipped.

You can hear it all for yourself here.
Read the full NABJ release here.

UPDATED: Monroe was just on CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" to explain NABJ's position that the only way for there to be true understanding is for Imus to be let go by by CBS and NBC. And when Imus meets with the students at Rutgers? "The people who need to first accept this apology are the students he insulted," Monroe said.

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Blogger MattE. said...

I wish Rev. Sharpton wouldn't have mistakenly called Bryan "Byron" the handful of times that he did, but it was most definitely an insightful interview. Such a shame that in 2007, we still hear stories like this far too often.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 9:46:00 PM  

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