Michael Agar to The Indy

Michael Agar will be leaving The Observer to become graphics director for The Independent on Sunday, The Blog's sources in London have confirmed. Agar, who has spent a decade at The Observer (the last seven years as graphics director), will start his new job in July working with Indy art director Colin Wilson.

The Blog confirmed the rumors this morning with Agar himself. "It's a great opportunity at certainly the right time for me," he said. "It's so exciting. I cannot wait to get started. There are great plans afoot!"

The Observer, of course, was recently named National Newspaper of the Year at The British Press Awards, and Agar has enjoyed a solid run of groundbreaking graphics at the title, earning significant industry recognition along the way from the Society for News Design and Malofiej for a wide range of work.

Agar has served as President of the Jury for the Malofiej Infographics World Summit (in 2005), worked as an industry adviser to Newcastle College, and directed several graphics projects for Innovation, the international media consulting group.

Agar's recent work for Innovation was Visao, the leading news magazine in Portugal, where he worked with fellow consultants Carlos Soria, Guillermo Nagore, Marta Botero, and Eduardo Tessler on major changes at the popular title. Agar helped unveil a new graphics approach, collaborating with Perdro Camarcho, editor of Visao, and Vasco Ferreira, the magazine's vibrant new art director.

Agar has also been, uh, collaborating with his wife. The couple welcomed a new baby girl to the family on April 21. The Blog sends its congratulations to the entire Agar clan and hopes mother and father get some sleep soon.

And, finally, Mr. Agar, we are very much looking forward to the new work you will do at The Indy. If the last 10 years are any indicator (and The Blog believes they are), we will be seeing some outstanding graphics journalism. Great plans afoot indeed!

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