UPDATED! Tucson Multimedia
Quick Course - that's a wrap!

The SND Region 4 Blog sends a big shout-out to site chair Mike Rice and the speakers at the Multimedia Quick Course hosted by the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, Ariz., Saturday!

The one-day workshop was jam-packed with great speakers from around the country, including a three-hour session with the multimedia experts from Apple Inc.!

Head over to the Region 4 Blog for reports on all the sessions. And thanks for tuning in throughout the day to read the updates!

The Region 4 Blog joined Rice and some of the speakers for some ridiculously incredible Mexican food in downtown Tucson followed by a trip to Karaoke Night with the Daily Star visuals staff. It just would not be an SND event sans karaoke, as many of you know. The highlight of the night? The local in the cowboy hat who kept a harmonica on the brim, then pulled that bad boy down and played that harp like we haven't heard in person in a good long time. The dude was a natural and an instant crowd favorite. Apparently, the karaoke bar has been raised just a bit.

But back to the Quick Course ...

The Blog wound up the Tucson QC with a great hands-on session with Apple, diving into Aperture, Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro.

We heard from Len DeGroot, graphics director of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, who talked to us about taking the next step in interactive graphics online. His big advice? "Keep it simple." Funny how that rule transcends from print over to the Web, huh?!?

"The strengths and weaknesses of your process will be magnified in your project," DeGroot said. "The larger your project becomes, the more magnified things will be."

We heard from Andrew Satter, the online producer for the Arizona Daily Star @ azstarnet.com. Satter took us through how the Star produces video news stories for its Web site by turning its online producers into videographers.

We had the pleasure of hearing Kori Rumore, the assistant team leader for graphics at the Arizona Daily Star. Rumore gave us "A Nerd's Guide to Flash" for some quick software training in 50 minutes. To wrap up her session, Kori showed some really fun Flash animation most DEFINITELY worth your two minutes. Alan Becker at the Albino Blacksheep site has put together an "Animator vs. Animation" video that is just brilliant.

And in the day's first session, Tim D'Avis, the online editor for the Quad-City Times in Davenport, Iowa, tackled the legwork it will take to get your newsroom to start producing multimedia projects for your Web site. The QC Times is doing some really exceptional and fun multimedia things with its Web site, and the Region 4 Blog will point you in the right direction to check some of those things out.

So head over to Region 4 and read even more details on the Tucson QC!

And don't forget about SND's next Quick Course -- it's Saturday, May 5 (next week) in Minneapolis, and there's a great lineup of speakers ready to be in the capable hands of site chair Leslie Plesser of the Star-Tribune. See ya in Minny!

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