The Intern: The V-P is in the house

No, no, no. We're not even going to consider inviting Dick Cheney to this shindig. It's way too cool for him. Plus, no guns allowed.

The Virginian-Pilot. (screaming! cheering! applause!)

Could the possibilities of which incredible newsroom YOU'LL be spending the summer of 2008 in GET any better? Of course they can, and they just did.

The Pilot's on board and it packs a powerful punch in an already diverse lineup of possible newsroom experiences. Just think, if you make it to the No. 1 Intern spot, how are you ever going to pick? The Pilot's work in the past week alone following the Virgina Tech incident was unmatched in its storytelling, voice and impact. Not to mention its vision and daring over the years as one of America's best visual journalism innovators.

OK, so now that you've picked your jaw up off the floor (and, we hope, cleaned up the drool) time's running out to get in the game. The May 25 application deadline is right around the corner, exactly a month away. So take a few days and sketch out something that will make our jaws drop.

Good luck, don't forget that "Spider-Man 3" opens next week and stay tuned for paper No. 5. Um? Who will it be?

Downloads + details @ SNDBoston.com

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