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The Blog's former colleague Dan Gillmor has news: Dan and co-instructor Bill Gannon are in New Orleans with their class from the University of California, Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, telling stories from a neighborhood called Gentilly that was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina.

Dan says: "Our purpose is to work on a project with two aims. First, we're hoping to help a community tell its own story. Second, we hope to do this via a demonstration project of tomorrow's citizen media."

Quintus Jett, the Dartmouth College researcher behind the Gentilly Project, has worked on a mapping effort to show, block by block and house by house, the condition of reconstruction in the neighborhood (an interactive effort that updates The Miami Herald's groundbreaking print graphics in the wake of Hurricane Andrew). There's an associated Dartmouth site that uses GIS to do the searchable work and the hands-on volunteers are out in the neighborhood to help, both in assessing the repairs and helping the community talk about the hurricane's aftermath. It's a really worthy project.

Check out Dan's Center for Citizen Media blog to learn more about the journalism that emerges from the community in Louisiana.

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