Holy hip-hop (+ divine design)

The work the staff at Link continues to crank out just amazes us here at The Blog.

Witness this impressive photography and design, uploaded by David Putney to Link's staff portfolio at NewsPageDesigner last night. Trust us, you will want to check that portfolio for more pages from Putney and Brandon Stuck, who worked on the interior.

Putney explains: "Bill Manley shot all the photos for this. I designed the cover, though my job was mainly to stay out of the way. This was a big project that got set aside because of the Virginia Tech shootings. It really turned out nice, in my opinion."

The Blog could not agree more, Mr. Putney (and kudos to a fellow Panther, by the way), especially given the impressive work the Link staff did in the wake of those terrible shootings.

The fact that the paper can come back with a project like this right away shows how nimble the staff can be, doing either deadline news design or elegant project design on a timely topic -- and doing it all with a finesse most places might never muster. Bravo!

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