Helvetica: The film + exhibit
open Friday in New York City

The SND International Web Desk dispatches a few staffers to New York City this weekend for the premiere of "Helvetica" (directed by Gary Hustwit), which kicks off at the New School on Friday night in an event sponsored by AIGA New York.

The Museum of Modern Art
also starts a special "50 Years of Helvetica" exhibit in conjunction with the film's New York opening.

The MoMa installation presents posters, signage, and other graphic material demonstrating the variety of uses and enduring beauty of the design classic.

You'll see such things as Matthew Carter's original Neue Haas Grotesk specimen book, an Experimental Jetset T-shirt, and a video excerpt from the documentary (which has has more screenings coming up around the world) that shows how the type is in our everyday lives, "casting its secret spell," as Rick Poynor says in the clip that leads this post.

The MoMa event runs through March of 2008, so if you're in Manhattan in the next year you can check it out. The exhibit was curated by Christian Larsen at MoMa.

On Sunday: Full report on how it all went and who we ran into at the New School's big Q/A with, among others, our old type pals Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones.

Stay tuned!

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