Graphics gurus gather soon ...

The Blog notes that the early-bird discount for that new Information Graphics summit in June on visual storytelling at Michigan State University (run by former Newsweek magazine graphics director Karl Gude) ends this Friday. Looks like they have cut prices even more.

The special guest speaker is the legendary Nigel Holmes, the former director of information graphics at Time magazine and the man who started modern interest in the field.

Never seen Nigel? Check out the video above to hear him talk about the craft ... The Blog was lucky enough to convince the graphics guru to join the speaking roster at SNDSJ: The Silicon Valley Workshop, and his talk was among the highlights of hosting the event here in San Jose because what Nigel asks his audience to do is look at the world with fresh eyes. That's an important component of being a great journalist.

So stop on over to Karl's summit site if you're interested in signing up, and check out Nigel's video and work in any case. You'll be glad you did.

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