College Students: Are you
ready for SND Boston?

Great big news from the Society for News Design's fall workshop in Boston . There will be a FREE Student Session on Thursday, Oct. 11 for all registered student attendees!

And let me tell you, if you're a college student looking to keep honing your skills in the ever-changing world of news design, this Student Session is for you. If you need your portfolio reviewed for some tips on how to keep improving, this Student Session is for you. If you need to network with some professional visual journalists who were right where you are not that long ago, then this Student Session is for you. If you're looking for a (gulp!) job or internship, then this Student Session is most definitely for YOU!

Kristin Lenz of the Hartford Courant (and SND Region 1 Director, BTW) has taken the reins of this fall's Student Session and, in cooperation with SND Boston site chair Dan Zedek of the Boston Globe, has some great stuff planned that you do not want to miss.

  • Portfolio review session: Have your work looked at by the experts in intimate group sessions featuring SND judges and perennial winners at SND's Best of Newspaper Design competition.
  • Taking your paper online: It was just a year ago that Syracuse grad Jared Novack was exactly where you are right now - in college, wondering where his first job would take him. Now he's an interactive designer for the Houston Chronicle, and he'll teach you tips and tricks for getting your newspaper online.
  • Exploring type: Becoming an expert in the use of typography can take years. But you'll get a headstart with a session from legendary Font Bureau co-founder David Berlow.
  • Building your brainstorming skills: This is a session that everyone can get new ideas from, no matter your skill or experience level. Join your peers in mastering the fine art of brainstorming.
So that's the Student Session - again, FREE with your paid student registration. Not a student SND member? Well what are you waiting for?!? Your student membership is only $55 (U.S.) a year and includes The Best of Newspaper Design annual winners book; Design magazine; access to the printable Update newsletter, now coming to you quicker than ever in PDF form; discounts on Quick Courses and the fall workshop; upcoming members-only benefits at SND.org; and a whole host of networking opportunities with other visual journalists. If you're planning on attending the Boston workshop, make sure you become a member ASAP - the discount on your registration alone pays for your membership!

And by all means, you should head over to the SND Boston official site and learn all about participating in the second Intern competition. The deadline is May 25 to get your application in. Juniors and seniors as of Fall 2007 are eligible to apply. And keep watching that students' area for a list of the professionals who will be part of the critique sessions!

Download the SND Student Session PDF!

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Blogger Matt Mansfield said...

A note to all the students out there from a professional who participated in last year's Intern competition in Orlando: Send in your work and you will be glad you did! The experience, while tough, becomes worth it all as you're on-site at the workshop. So send in your doodles now to the Boston crew!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 1:27:00 PM  

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