T. Rex goes 'rawr'

Call this editorializing if you wish. But The Blog challenges you to top it:

Chip Kidd
is the Michael Jordan of the book jacket design world. Simple as that.

In a victory of momentous proportions, SND Boston site chair Dan Zedek of the Boston Globe and his hard-working crew have secured Kidd as a speaker at the workshop Oct. 11-13 at the Boston Park Plaza and Towers.

The SND Boston literature quotes a USA Today piece on Kidd, calling him "the closest thing to a rock star in graphic design today." Kidd the "rock star," Kidd the Michael Jordan, Kidd the innovative and legendary book jacket designer at Alfred A. Knopf Publishing will be a part of two sessions in Boston this fall.

The first will explore the process behind the way he thinks and his ability to use found objects to create absolute sense out of next to nothing. And the second will be a brainstorming session with Fortune magazine design director Robert Newman. Both are sure to have lines outside the door.

We're still about a half-year away from Boston, but Kidd is making visual journalism waves right now. He was commissioned by Rolling Stone to design the covers for its 40th Anniversary series. The first of three covers, left, from Kidd is on newsstands now. The second one drops June 29 and the third will hit the racks Nov. 3. Published reports in the New York Post last month indicate Kidd's involvement had much to do with RS being without an art director after Amid Capeci went back to Newsweek several months back. But no matter the reasons, the readers come out on top.

Kidd described the cover to the Post last month in Keith Kelley's "Media Ink" column: "It will be on kind of prismatic foil that looks a lot like a guitar that T.Rex would have used in the '70s." Kidd says the second cover will be "all psychedelic" and reminiscent of the Summer of Love of 1967.

It's somewhat ironic that Kidd mentioned T.Rex. You'll recall the big news out of L.A. last weekend that Los Angeles Times creative director Joe Hutchinson is leaving the West Coast to take that vacant art director gig at RS. Hutchinson's nickname at the SND judging in Syracuse this past February? Yup. You guessed it: "T-Rex." Coincidence? The Blog thinks not.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for an exclusive podcast interview between Kidd and Zedek. And if The Blog teasing you with that and the Rolling Stone cover isn't enough to satiate you, Chip's amazing "Book One" chronicling his book jacket work over a 20-year period is available at Amazon.com with free shipping. Trust us. It will get your creative juices flowing and get you inspired beyond belief; it's worth every penny. Or check out his Good Is Dead site for more inspiration.

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