Artist returns to National Post
to report graphics from Afghanistan

(Top): Detroit Free Press illustrator Richard Johnson sketches Marine Lance Corp. Michelle Glass, a combat engineer on guard duty, in Southern Iraq somewhere near Camp Viper in early April 2003. Photo by Jeff Seidel/Detroit Free Press (Above) The illustration that appeared in the Free Press, and later in the book, "Portraits of War: The people of the Iraq war, one sketch at a time."

Richard Johnson, graphics editor at The Globe and Mail, has returned to the National Post where he will be taking on, among other things, battlefield graphics reporting in Afghanistan covering Canadian troops. In 2003, Rich covered the Iraq war as an artist for the Detroit Free Press and Knight Ridder newspapers, teamed with writer Jeff Seidel. Their stories of everyday people, soldiers and civilians caught in the cross fire -- packaged as Portraits of War -- were at huge hit with readers across the U.S. and were eventually published into a book.
Gayle Grin, ME Design & Graphics at the National Post (and vice president of SND) weighs in on the news of Richard Johnson's return to the Post:
"We are delighted to have Richard back. He was here at the startup of our paper when we were all scrambling to finish up the design... Richard created the look of our graphics. Although the graphics have evolved somewhat, I would never let our graphics department change the look he created for the texture of water on our maps. I look forward to the return of his talent in this newsroom and I REALLY look forward to his drawing and mapping from Afganistan.

Richard comes back to us with great experience from other newsrooms. I thank Steve Dorsey and the Detroit Free Press for giving him his first taste of war journalism and thank David Pratt from the Globe for giving him department management experience."
Richard Palmer, the Globe's former graphics editor, has returned to the Globe from Bath, England, where he was on contract.

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Anonymous Kagan McLeod said...

Looking forward to having you again, Rich!

Thursday, April 26, 2007 4:41:00 PM  

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