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The New York Times' new digs at 41st Street and 8th Avenenue are not quite complete, but the move-in has already started with plans to leave the old building behind completely by this summer. The new building boasts some 1.6 million square feet of space! But despite all that space, one staffer told the SND International Web Desk last week that each NYTer's approved "luggage" is limited to 6 big blue bins they can have delivered to their new work areas. We're not sure all those Pulitzers will fit in just six bins, but...

Today Juan Antonio Giner, of Innovations in Newspapers, critiques the interior design of the new facility, complete with a collection of behind-the-scenes photos (sample below). Giner doesn't like much about the place except for the exterior architecture -- he thinks the traditional-looking desks, cube farms and the outer ring of manager offices does little to promote the development of the emergent new hybridized, multi-platform style of journalism:
"The architect must be a genius, but the interior designers must be fired.

These are just amateurs.

The last thing that we need is The New York Times setting the wrong standards for the wrong design of 'zoo newsrooms.' "

Source: www.innovationsinnewspapers.com

Deeper into his blog, Giner explores the nature of other newsrooms like that of 20 Minutos in Madrid (Spain) and another literal "news room" in Monrovia.


Source: www.newyorktimesbuilding.com/leibovitz

All interior criticism aside, be sure to check out Annie Leibovitz's site "Building the Times" (above) which documents the construction of the site.

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