All and Sunday ...

We're back in Britain after three fun-filled days at Malofiej, where we saw and heard lots more than we were able to post. We're working on the wrap-up work today from the confines of The Savoy, the hot spot where we're staying in the West End.

We decamped from Spain last night, took the old reliable Underground from Heathrow to the Covent Garden station and soaked in a little London last night. Then some sleep and, amazingly, the arrival of two quality Sunday papers at our hotel door. The Independent and The Observer showed up a few hours ago and we're in design geek heaven. Come to think of it, that Malofiej post may be a few hours in coming ...

Plus: As you can see from the front page image below, the Observer is celebrating a major victory: The title was named National Newspaper of the Year last week at the British Press Awards. Major congratulations to our many good friends there (including and especially the wonderfully talented Michael Agar, the Observer's graphics editor). Kudos!

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