West boasts many winners
at annual NPPA competition

SND's Region 8 (West) was well-represented at the National Press Photographers Association's Best Of Photojournalism 2007 competition.

Judges named Carolyn Cole of the Los Angeles Times as the Photojournalist Of The Year (large markets). Cole's work was also honored as Best of Show and first place for International News Picture Story: "34 Days of Pain" chronicled the month-long battle between the Israeli military and Hezbollah forces after their abduction of two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border attack. Few anticipated the intensity of the conflict as Israel responded with massive air strikes on Lebanon.

"First place (for Carolyn Cole) was a unanimous selection," said judge James Colton of Sports Illustrated. "I want everyone out there to realize this is a unanimous vote. There is no influence. The one thing that works for me in the first place portfolio is the photographer's use of color, in addition to the content and composition. The one unifying theme is that the photographer has a style and a great understanding of light and color."

The Best Use of the Web went to the San Jose Mercury News for its interactive storytelling.

"MercuryNewsPhoto.com is only a year old and already they've been able to truly push and help evolve the medium. Each of their entries demonstrated a mastery of telling a multimedia story over a variety of subjects," said judge Andrew DeVigal of The New York Times. "These included interactive video games of the San Jose Grand Prix, visual exploration of the Seasons, and the compelling and thorough multimedia reporting about Frank Sandoval. In short, the photo department has successfully put the power of multimedia and video reporting into the hands of the rest of the Mercury newsroom and had a great impact on how they do their journalism."

Judging for the photo editing categories begins next week. Meanwhile, other winners in still photography from Region 8 included:

* First place for Nick Oza of The Arizona Republic for Domestic News Picture Story, which looked at how gangs in the U.S. are getting more organized and violent.

* First place in Sports Enterprise for Sam Morris of the Las Vegas Sun for a photograph of a wounded boxer and his two young daughters.

* First place for Rick Loomis of the Los Angeles Times for his "Altered Oceans" series, which was also heavily awarded in the 28th Best of Newspaper Design competition.

* Honorable mention for Michael Macor of the San Francisco Chronicle as Photojournalist of the Year (large markets). Macor also was awarded second place in celebrity single image, third place in Natural Disaster Single image and an honorable mention for his picture story "Marlboro Man."

* Second place in Natural Disaster Single for Gina Ferazzi of the Los Angeles Times.

* Third place in general news for Jane Tyska of the Bay Area Newspaper Group's Daily Review.

* Third place in Environmental Picture Story for Gail Fisher of the Los Angeles Times.

* Third place in Team Sports Action for Keith Birmingham of the Pasadena Star-News.

* Honorable mention for Ed Chrisostomo of The Press-Enterprise in Riverside, Calif. The Natural Disaster Picture Story was about the wildfires that ripped through Southern California last year.

* Honorable mention in portrait for Damon Winter of the Los Angeles Times, and another in celebrity for an image of Clint Eastwood.

* Honorable mention in entertainment for Shmuel Thaler of the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Don't forget: If you are an SND member in Arizona, California, Nevada or Utah, then you're in Region 8. Your regional director is Frank Mina of the San Francisco Chronicle. Frank would love to hear if you have done something we should be publicizing here at The Blog!

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