Welcome to Update: The Blog

Spinoffs are not a new concept. We all missed Cheers when it went off the air, and Frasier was a nice evolution. It filled a void in many TV fans' schedules. But it's not every day that we can introduce you to an SND-produced spinoff. Drumroll please...

Welcome to SND Update: The Blog!

This blog will:
>> Endeavor to make and break visual journalism industry news
>> Keep you up to date on the happenings in and around The Society
>> Help keep you connected to happenings within your SND region

This blog will NOT:
>> Replace your monthly SND Update newsletter. In fact, the monthly newsletter will get to you more quickly than ever before since we'll link to the members area of SND.org where you'll be able to download a PDF as soon as it's published, eliminating the delays associated with printing, labeling and shipping your Update news.

As always, please contact Update Editor, Tyson Evans if you have ideas, suggestions or feedback for Update (the print piece), or email us at Update: The Blog at sndwebdesk@gmail.com

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