SND Board hits Boston

~ The President's report: Scott Goldman

The SND board of directors met this past weekend in Boston, home of the 2004 World Champion Red Sox and the 2007 SND Workshop!

Despite yet another raging storm - that's three in a row at major SND events, if you're keeping track - the board met on Saturday and here are some of the highlights:

First of all, it's this blog entry!
The board members are going to start publicizing more events and happenings on our SND blog, to get more information out to the entire membership in a much more timely fashion. Each entry will be tagged with a specific region number, if it's applicable, so you can easily search for just your region if you like.

We also want to hear from you!

If you have questions, comments or ideas, make sure you're clicking on the "Comments" button below and sharing your thoughts.

Update in PDF format
The board approved a final change in the printing of Update, the 8-times-a-year SND newsletter. We will no longer be printing Update, but will rather release it as a PDF form in our members-only area. Members will receive a link to the PDF via email, where they can either print out Update or simply view it online. This will allow us to save on printing and shipping costs, as well as create a more timely and colorful Update for our members.

New international outreach
The board approved a new cost structure for international members in several countries where an SND membership is simply not realistic for individuals. (Example: The US$105 membership fee is a month's salary for many designers in Eastern Europe) We will change to corporate memberships in these countries, in the hope that more newspapers will purchase memberships for up to three individuals on one account - creating additional SND members in these under-served countries. A full list of the countries affected by this proposal can be found on this site soon.

New executive committee members
The program directors elected Don Wittekind, our director of New Media + Technology, as their representative to SND's executive committee. The regional directors elected Matt Erickson, Region 4 director, as their representative. Congratulations to both Don and Matt!

Boston's ambitious agenda
And most importantly, the board listened enthusiastically to SNDBoston chair Dan Zedek of The Boston Globe run through a fabulous presentation on the upcoming Fall workshop. Dan and his crew, including co-chair Kristin Lenz from the Hartford Courant, have assembled one heck of a creative - and unique - speaker lineup for Boston (and see Matt's post on how much more online visual journalism we'll be covering this year).

It'll be a very engaging, intriguing and educational weekend - and after touring the Park Plaza and the opening reception site, Felt, we know it will be a great time as well!

Thank you so much to Dan, Kristin and the ever-growing staff of volunteers from New England for the workshop. Let the countdown begin to Boston '07!

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