Our man in Syracuse

The 29th Annual Best of Newspaper Design competition will be in the capable hands of Greg Swanson, assistant managing editor at the Quad City Times. Swanson, who was named edition coordinator, has proven himself a "fair and impartial" presence over several years at the judging in Syracuse, said C. Marshall Matlock, competition director and Society for News Design legend.

The 29th Edition, for those of you keeping score, will be for work completed this year and will then be judged next February. Got that? So the work is done in 2007 and judged for awards in 2008.

Now that we have that over: What's an edition coordinator do anyway? Well, plenty, actually.

The coordinator helps the competition committee select judges, works on all aspects of the judging with Matlock and the crew at Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School, plans events and otherwise makes sure the massive undertaking comes off without a hitch. No sweat, right?

Join the Web Desk in congratulating Swanson on his appointment. And start taking bets now on what eating challenge he'll undertake next year in Syracuse!



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