On the ground: London town

London - The SND International Web Desk begins a week of reporting from England and Spain, armed with spirit and, after some sleep (we spent too long out on Day 1), the absolute will to show you, our loyal audience, the swell stuff that the Society's members are doing here. Design mag editor Jonathon Berlin and I are thrilled to be the reporters here, on the ground, in the vibrant visual journalism culture that is SND in Europe.

One of the most amazing things about SND is how it has been able to forge a common language in our little corner of the journalism world, which doesn't seem so little at all. Every time we leave the U.S., we remember that. (Note to ourselves: Leave the U.S. more often!) And our hope is to show you all the cool stuff that we encounter along that journey of learning, the ways our world connects.

And we met up with some U.S. friends, too. Robb Montgomery and Nina Mehta showed us the town before we had even had much rest!

We're pretty geeked, despite the jet lag. We have digital cameras, video skill (sort of), decent audio equipment and the spirit to tell great stories from the amazing SND folks we'll encounter here. And our past experience indicates that SND's many great voices in Europe will be extraordinary hosts, giving of both their talent and hospitality.

One of our earliest SND experiences abroad was that legendary workshop in Barcelona at the Hotel Arts, where the world learned so much about design and graphics (and how to throw one heck of a party). That was one for the record books: Three days, endless exuberance.

That workshop was the doorway to so much. Many of our great friendships here were forged during that tremendous time. Twelve years later, we still cannot thank SND's Spanish chapter enough for helping the organization truly go global. We are all better for it.

First up: Much-needed sleep.
Second up: A morning in the UK.
The main event: The awesomeness that is Malofiej 15.

Back soon.
Full report.

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Blogger Nina said...

You got that up quick! Enjoy the awesomeness in EspaƱa!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 8:17:00 AM  

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